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About President


Shri Samir S Somaiya holds the Master of Public Administration (2005) from Harvard University, and MBA (1993), Master of Chemical Engineering (1992) and Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (1990) from Cornell University.


Shri Samir S Somaiya is the Chairman and Managing Director of Godavari Biorefineries Limited and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Somaiya Vidyavihar and The Somaiya Vidyavihar Trust. He was the President of the Indian Sugar Mills Association in 2009, and the Chairman-Western Region of the Indian Chemical Council in the year 2008-09. Furthermore he was a Committee Member of the Government of India - New Millennium Indian Technology Initiative for Polymers from Renewable Resources, and presently serves as a Committee Member of the Indian Sugar Export Corporation. He is a Visiting Instructor at the School of Chemical Engineering - Cornell University. He is also the Chairman of the Education Committee of the Indian Merchant’s Chamber for the year 2010-11. Member of the Committee for Education & Skill Development 2011-12 of Indian Merchants’ Chamber, Member of Agriculture & Food Processing Committee 2011-12 of Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Committee Member for CII National Committee on Sugar for the year 2011-12.


His hobbies are Squash, Taekwondo, Reading and Travel.



President's Message


The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbues them with values that would govern all their choices in life. It is said ‘If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people’. Indeed, one can even say that the quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation.


Our school will create an environment where children are encouraged to dream and strive towards making their dreams come true. Our education will enhance and develop the child academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. We hope that our students will grow up to become outstanding entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, leaders, social servants, volunteers, teachers, sportsmen and sportswomen, linguists, bankers, authors, nurses, mothers and fathers, and anything else that they want to be.


I wish all the very best to the child as he / she enters our school. I assure you that the school will prove a constant and devoted ally to your child in the journey of his / her educational adventure. May the child blossom into a genius, a masterpiece, and a bright star, who will bring honour and fame to home, school, community, country and the entire world.


Samir S Somaiya.



Somaiya Vidaymandir, Laxmiwadi.

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