As Prescribed In Rte Act 2009, Any Student From The Surrounding Areas Below 14 Years Of Age Can Be Admitted In The School.

Sr. No.
Minimum Age
1 V 11 years
2 VI 12 years
3 VII 13 years
4 VII 14 years
5 IX 15 years
6 X 16 years

Normally admissions are open for 5th Std. every year. Student can get admission according to his/her age in respective class. Admission is open for all those who are below the age of 14 years as per RTE 2009 Act. The admission is given as per RTE 2009 Act to first come serve basis. Admission process continues throughout the year.

Following documents are required at the time of admission :

Transfer Certificate

Recent Passport photo of the student

Previous class progress card

However, any student can be admitted to the school without any type of oral or written test and even if a particular student doesn’t submit any proof of his birth date or age, he or she can be admitted to the school.